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And then there was light….  Lighting suppliers, retailers and consultants will all come to agreement that 2016 will be an ever brighter year for the industry.  From last year’s designs to this year’s exciting surprises, decorators, homeowners, and office managers alike are faced with a plethora of options.

To have a preview of the choices out there, here are some of the trends in lighting fixtures.

  1. Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are taking a stronger hold of the lighting market.  With green building requirements gaining ground, offices turn to LEDS to illuminate otherwise grey and harshly lit offices.  Energy-friendly and long-lasting.  These twin characteristics make LEDs the best option for spaces demanding frequent illumination.   Homes can also take advantage of these efficient light source as well.  For otherwise dark areas where design is not much of an issue, LEDs can provide the necessary brightness.  Email mailing address list of Lighting suppliers, retailers and consultants always include LEDs in their repertoire.  To top it all, LEDs are very much accessible and easily replaceable.


  1. Industrial fixtures. Cramped living spaces propelled homeowners, particularly the younger demographic, to prefer living in industrial homes.  Open spaces, clean layouts, steel and brick aesthetic with pops of colour. Light fixtures are generally easily adaptable to this design.  In recent years, more light fixtures were specifically designed to cater to this market.  Think geometric figures, structural appeal, and modern lines.


  1. Metallic finish. This is probably a twin of the industrial aesthetic.  Copper, bronze, brass, and gold, in interesting shapes and combinations of materials.  It’s both tough and warm.


  1. Bold designs. If diamonds are your best friends, sparkly chandeliers come in varying shapes.  Light designers have pushed forward creating ever bolder configurations. Hanging lamps, rustic chandeliers, pendant lights – options are endless.  Huge or small, each design presents a distinctive quality sure to be a conversation piece.


  1. Balance is a universal law.  Side by side with the industrial aesthetic are the home-y, chic, country, even retro interiors.  Lighting suppliers, retailers and consultants mailing list with email addresses also carry fixtures in their inventories exuding these vibes.  They understand that light is connected to the senses and critical in creating a certain mood.


  1. Retro and nautical. Classic pieces will stay true to what they are – will never go out of style regardless of trends.  So retro pieces from whichever era you prefer will always be stylish and on point.  Nautical-inspired pieces in particular are making special appearances in light showrooms.

Keeping in vogue or plain essential need for lighting, light fixtures take central role in perfecting a space.  It illuminates, highlights, focuses, and seduces.  From basic replacements to luxurious upgrades, there is a light fixture need that cannot be met.  The sky is the limit for choices.  Horizontally and vertically, across all categories and designs, you can illuminate your home satiating that hunger for light.

Secure an email mailing list with website addresses of lighting suppliers, retailers and consultants and browse away.  You can even hire a personal interior decorator for your customised needs.

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